The Challenges

In order to create a consistent strategy for business-to-business applications and procedures, their ERP partner Epicor recommended Ashcroft to look into possibilities of an EDI Managed Services On-Demand for a number of reasons, including:

  • Elimination of manual handling data avoiding human error

  • Less need for labor, time and paper resulting in reduced costs 

  • Shorter cash cycle improving cash flow 

  • Improvement of business processes through standardization 

  • Shorter response times

  • Reduced ordering/shipping cycle time

  • Increased level of business partnership 


The Results

TIE Kinetix’ solution scalability provides Ashcroft and all TIE Kinetix customers with the management of critical transactional data 24/7, always ensuring your business is running around the clock by EDI Managed Services On-Demand builds on the power of TIE Kinetix’ eVision solution by eliminating the day-to-day management of transaction processing.

Since 1987 TIE Kinetix has been providing the highest level of customer support. This is supported by a customer satisfaction rate of 99.1% with all integration, support and development teams based in St. Paul Minnesota, USA. TIE Kinetix’ support team has a ‘zerovoicemail’ policy.

Any support requests are addressed immediately. Says Kiely, “It’s a comforting feeling that everything is being handled behind the scenes and there’s never an issue. There is a feeling of transparency there and that’s what you’d expect from a managed service provider. The relationship with TIE Kinetix has been extremely positive as far as I’m concerned.”