he Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) of TIE Kinetix N.V. will be held on Friday 27 March 2015, starting at 10:00 AM CET in Breukelen.

1.         Welcome and announcements *.

2.         Proposal to set the minutes of the shareholders meeting held on 28 March 2014.

3.         Report of the Executive Board regarding the financial year 2014*.

4.         a. Proposal for adoption of the financial statements 2014.

            b. Proposal for appropriation of Net result.

            c. Proposal to discharge the members of the Executive Board.

            d. Proposal to discharge the members of the Supervisory Board.

            e. Proposal to draft the annual report and financial statements 2015 and following years in English.

5.         Presentation Analytics & Optimization, by Erik Jan Hengstmengel,
            CEO and Vice-President Analytics & Optimization,
            TIE Kinetix GmbH (formerly: Tomorrow Focus Technologies, TFT)*

6.         Proposal to reappoint mr. J.B. Sundelin as member of the Executive Board.

7.         Proposal to reappoint Dr. Ir. A.F.L. Veth as chairman of the Supervisory Board.

8.         a. Proposal to amend the Remuneration Policy for the Executive Board.

  b. Proposal to set the remuneration of the Supervisory Board.

9.         a. Status EU Development Grants and consequences for TIE Kinetix.*

  b. Proposal to amend the articles of association of the Company related to the reduction of the
  nominal value of the shares from EUR 7,00 to EUR 0,10.

  c. Proposal to authorize the Executive Board regarding the Emission, see explanatory notes
  (only in Dutch available).

10.       Proposal to reappoint BDO Audit & Assurance B.V. as the Company’s external auditor.

11.       Corporate Governance*.

12.       Proposal for the prolongation of the authorization of the Executive Board regarding the issue of shares
           (options, warrants, convertibles) and the restriction or exclusion of any pre-emptive rights.

13.       Any other business and closing*.


(*) These agenda items do not require a voting process.