Does Your Mobile Traffic Have Poor Values For Visit Duration and Conversion / Bounce Rates?

Responsive Design

Have you recently heard the expression "Mobile First" ?

Have you already thought about implementation of your website in responsive design? Our User Experience Team will explain why responsive design is a good idea and what you have to watch out for. It will help you with the planning, conception, and design of your project.

If you haven't yet carried out optimization for touch devices or no-zoom display of your website on smartphones, it's now the time to do so. Otherwise you'll be increasingly giving away market shares to competitors. The trend towards mobile devices as the primary source of internet usage can no longer be stopped.

Better Conversion Rates

Conversion Rate Optimization

Tablets in particular are becoming increasingly popular for online shopping and private surfing. Sites which have been optimized for touch devices quite often have better conversion rates on tablets than on desktop PCs. You should act now if your conversion rates on tablets are significantly lower than desktop rates.

Same Web Content

Your visitors and customers are accessing the same web content more and more with multiple devices. It is important to offer a brand image and user experience that are consistent through all devices.

This is the only way to ensure that the same content will also be found with a different device. Our User Experience experts are on hand to assist you with your project right from the start: from the first customer interview, potential analyses, prototypes for user tests to the creation of mood boards, the final design, and front-end implementation.

Learn More About Conversion Rate Optimization

Learn More About Conversion Rate Optimization

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