57% of Online Marketers Believe That Channels Such As Social Media or Apps Are Set to Increase in Importance.

Boost Customer Loyalty


Today, social networks account for 23% of online media usage, yet only 2% of advertising budgets currently go to online campaigns.

The businesses of today take a far more direct and informal approach to customer communications by maintaining a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

The benefits are obvious: Most social media platforms don't cost anything to use. They offer a major cost benefit, particularly in comparison with traditional advertising methods such as radio, television, or print. Targeting a specific audience coupled with establishing a direct customer relationship and the potentially large coverage results in an attractive cost-benefit ratio. Fast, interactive customer communications can significantly boost customer loyalty. Communications in both directions allows customers to provide direct feedback straightaway. 

Improve by Analytics

Improve by Analytics

The information acquired from social media platforms can be used to bring about valuable improvements in services, products, or future planning. Promotions, campaigns, urgent notifications, or attractive offers staged at short notice will reach customers fast, especially when compared with conventional media.

At all events, communications via social media channels should be actively managed to minimize any risk from negative communications, with authenticity and plausibility representing key elements here. The cost and effort involved in such active management can be minimized through close integration in your web publishing solutions.

Online Strategy

TIE Kinetix will help you incorporate your social media strategy in your online strategy. For example, using the Social Media Publishing module we have developed or the integration of established like gates.

Learn More About Social Media Optimization

Learn More About Social Media Optimization

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