Corporate Sustainability

It is the role of the Management Board to manage the corporate responsibility issues that are relevant to the Company. As such the Company focuses on several subjects and the corporate responsibility aspects thereof. This chapter provides an overview of the important subjects in light of the corporate social responsibilities. As a whole, the Company is committed to achieve a correct balance between growing as a company and our corporate responsibility.

TIE Kinetix’s management considers its employees the driving force behind the ultimate success of the Company, due to its expertise and know-how. TIE Kinetix also believes that human resources and treatment of the staff are major aspects of corporate responsibility. TIE Kinetix emphasizes that personal growth of the staff is of great value to the Company. This can be obtained through setting challenging targets, guidance by the management and education. The personal growth of the staff members is closely monitored and recurring evaluations and assessment meetings take place.

In our Annual Report, we have elaborated more extensively on our efforts and initiatives in view of Corporate Sustainability, with respect to:
- Our Employees
- Compliance with Laws and Regulations
- Communication and Engagement with our Shareholders
- Our Social Initiatives
- Our Carbon Footprint
- Our Solutions


Our Office in Breukelen, The Netherlands

In financial year 2013 TIE Kinetix merged all three Dutch offices into one new headquarters located in Breukelen. By bringing all employees together from multiple offices, all Dutch employees work more closely together, save on travelling between offices and truly became one ‘totally integrated’ team.

Employees are encouraged to work form the home office and come to the office by public transport as the office is close to public transport facilities. Additionally, the office has a parking lot which is fully lit by LED-lights and is equipped with moving sensors for lighting the office. The office also accommodates charging of electric cars.

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