Corporate Governance

The Dutch corporate governance code regulates the relations between the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board and the shareholders and contains (a) principles, which are general concepts of proper corporate governance and (b) best practice provisions, which are detailed standards governing the conduct of aforementioned entities, resulting from and elaborating the principles of the Code.

The strength of corporate governance is based on the extent to which the Company, the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board and also the shareholders endorse it. The Executive Board and Supervisory Board are responsible for the corporate governance structure of the Company and for compliance with the code; they are accountable for this to the General Meeting of Shareholders and should provide sound reasons for any non-application of the provisions.


More Information

For more information on corporate governance within TIE Kinetix, please read our Annual Report. 

Here we elaborate amongst others on the following topics, from a corporate governance perspective:

- Shares and Shareholders
- Shareholders Meeting and voting rights
- Structure corporate bodies
- Management Board
- In control statement
- Supervisory Board
- Recent developments in corporate governance
- Deviations from best practices

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