Effortlessly Market, Sell, Deliver & Analyze Online

We help our customers and partners market, sell, deliver and analyze online faster and more efficiently. When applied to your business, we accelerate success by removing the complex technology equation and replace it with innovative, field tested solutions.

See below for an overview of our suite of cloud solutions.

TIE Kinetix SolutionsOverview of TIE Kinetix Solutions

  Content Syndication  

Content SyndicationMake it easier for partners to market your products online. Leverage Content Syndication to automate the distribution and co-branding of content, collateral and campaigns directly on partner websites.

Solutions Available:

  • VAR Channel Marketing
  • Retail Channel Marketing
  • Content Monetization

E-Commerce SolutionsSpeed, agility and strategy is what sets you apart from the competition when selling online. Join TIE Kinetix in the cloud to unlock features that help increase online sales and maximize time to market.

Solutions Available:

  • B2B E-Commerce
  • B2C E-Commerce
  • Selling Through Partners

Business Integration SolutionsRemove lengthy processing time, manual work and errors from your back office. With Integration, your business will save time, money and resources through fulfillment automation.

Solutions Available:

  • EDI / XML Software
  • EDI Managed Services
  • Value-Added-Network
  • E-Invoicing
  Business Intelligence  

Business Intelligence SolutionsNot knowing the complete picture when making critical business decisions can have dangerous outcomes. Make sure to leverage Business Intelligence to ensure profitable decisions.

Solutions Available:

  • Corporate Management Scorecard
  • Finance Reporting and Forecasting
  • Procurement Reporting and Forecasting
  • Sales Discovery & Planning

Features Available throughout All Solutions
Real-time Business Intelligence
& Analytics
(SaaS) Pricing
Content &
Data Integration
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