TIE Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

Innovation is generally understood as “the successful introduction of a new thing or method”. It is “the embodiment, combination, or synthesis of knowledge in original, relevant, valued new products, processes, or services”. An important distinction is normally made between invention and innovation. Invention is the first occurrence of an idea for a new product or process, while innovation is the first attempt to carry it out into practice. Innovation in TIE means innovation to our products and thus our customers. For further information on our Research, Development and Innovation department (RDI) download our brochure (pdf).

RDI Projects Overview

TIE and Our Customers

TIE is particularly close to next generation technologies. One of the ways we promote our skills and acquire new skills is through multi-partner cooperative European and National research projects. In this context TIE is particularly active in the European Commission framework innovation programs (e.g. FP7) which spends about 50 Billion Euros in important fields such as ICT, Energy and Health. TIE is also active in Pan European programs such as ITEA (a strategic pan-European programme for advanced pre-competitive RDI in Software-intensive Systems and Services) and Eurostars (a European Joint Programme dedicated to the RDI performing SMEs and co-funded by the European Communities and 33 EUREKA member countries). To this end TIE has led or partnered in several projects such as:

TIE is an excellent partner in terms of cooperation, through leadership and operation. Our RDI team has worked in key topical areas such as SaaS, Cloud, Mobile, Semantics, Federation, Future Internet, Interoperability, Content Syndication… as well as vital technologies such as RDF, OWL, SparQL, SOA etc. As testimony to our excellence in this area, the STASIS proposal was the top-ranked proposal in the Software and Service call with an unprecedented score of 29/30. Another example is the INCREASE proposal where TIE was put forward to coordinate a consortium of excellence including SAP, ATOS, Telefonica, and Technicolor. In ARUM, coordinator EADS and partners such as Airbus and MGS, invited TIE to join for its business integration experience. Further information on oTIE Kinetix expertise in the research field can be found in our downloadable Research Profile.


Participation in both European, Regional and National innovation initiatives has many advantages to TIE, its personnel and thus its customers. From being at the forefront of technology knowledge, to influencing technical direction, through to using the tangible results in our products… participation in such initiatives enables a full range of possibilities. TIE has been active in this field since 2004 with a specific strategy designed to contribute our vision and our experience and also extract knowledge and insight into our solutions. We are a highly sought after partner with names from Atos to SAP, from National Technical University of Athens to the Technical University of Vienna inviting us into their Research Proposals… and TIE inviting them to share our ideas.


To help achieve this, TIE has always been active in EDI and ebXML community efforts such as the United Nations CEFACT organisation and the European Standards Institute (CEN). More recently TIE has been involved in NESSI which is the European Commission supported Technology Platform for Software and Services representing 440 members, over 800 individuals, 12 working groups and a 1.7 million strong workforce with an annual turnover of 490 Billion Euros. TIE is one of the formal partners, along with the likes of HP, IBM, Thales, Siemens, SAP, Telecom Italia, etc. and where it is represented by its CEO Jan Sundelin in the Board and its CTO Stuart Campbell who is also one of the Steering Committees Vice Chairs and chair of the NESSI SME Activity.

Partnership and Contact

If you are interested in TIEs activities or have an idea and wish to partner with us in this context please contact TIEs CTO Stuart Campbell. TIEs RDI team is very knowledgeable in the area of Research funding and activity and has defined methodologies for constructing successful and creative proposals and also, where applicable, coordinating them to success. However, don’t just believe what we say... check-out our testimonials or download our TIE RDI Brochure (pdf).

RDI Investment

TIE’s RDI expenses as a percentage of revenue in financial year 2012 were around 10,8% (or 12,7% of the operating expenses). For many years, TIE has been involved in the development of next generation technologies. TIE is particularly active in the European Commission framework for innovation programs. TIE’s RDI has worked in key topical areas such as SaaS, Cloud, Mobile, Semantics and Interoperability in vital technologies.

During 2011 various new projects were obtained like Premanus and Adventure. During September and October 2012 TIE announced participation in the European Projects ARUM, SIMPLI-CITY and INTUITEL. 
During 2012, the Company capitalized RDI (including purchased software) for the amount of € 363k (2011: € 436k). Technological feasibility for development goals set for these development projects was established, and management believes the finished product will improve the Company’s potential in the marketplace.

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