Case Study

Unify and TIE Kinetix

Demand Generation

Driving Success and Demand through the Channel Community via Digital Channel

“TIE Kinetix is not just helping our partners improve their website but is driving people to it, and alerting the partner as to what the prospect is looking for.” Robin Pilcher, Head of Global Channel Marketing, Unify

In a global dynamic business partner environment, Unify continues to invest in their channel community with Demand Generation and Sales Conversion solutions.


In 2001, Unify (formally Siemens Enterprise Communications) was looking for a better way to generate leads, nurture prospects and increase sales for their channel partners. Brand control, demand creation and time-to-market of new campaigns and content through their partners was challenging, and the channel marketing team had very limited control and
visibility over performance. Both Unify and the channel partners didn’t have the time and resources to keep partner websites up-to-date and sales reps operating at peak performance.
Unify needed a better way to accelerate their marketing efforts through the channel. That same year Unify forged a partnership with TIE Kinetix, a provider of Through-Partner Demand Generation Solutions, to launch their overarching, global channel marketing initiative called Digital Channel.


Unify’s Digital Channel is an end-to end online Demand Generation and Sales Conversion solution that supports their partners in finding, engaging, nurturing and closing prospects throughout the entire sales cycle.
Four key components of Digital Channel are:
An enhanced web experience for visitors to partner websites for Unify content
If prospects can’t find what they are looking for, they are likely to leave frustrated, to look for the information elsewhere ... and not come back to the partner’s website.
Social syndication through the partner
Automatically tweets relevant Unify messages from the Twitter account of the Unify partner to their followers, increasing the social presence of the partner and leveraging the vast social reach of all partners combined. All tweets contain unique links to relevant, high-value Unify content displayed on the partner’s website.
Email campaign management
An integrated, industry-leading email tool populated with a library of prebuilt co-branded email campaigns. Templates contain unique deep links that drive the end user to the corresponding Unify landing page on the partner’s website.
Sales Resource Center
Sales tools are provided directly to the partner’s intranet or on the rep’s desktop, smartphone or tablet. With just an internet connection, partner sales reps have access to the latest sales tools in real time to help them close sales. The convenience keeps the Unify brand top-of-mind over other alternatives.
Global Rebrand
Ten years into the Unify/TIE Kinetix partnership, a new challenge presented itself: Siemens Enterprise Communications made the strategic decision to rebrand globally. While facing the challenge of rebranding as a company, the partner community needed to be updated also at the moment the re-brand was announced. All partners needed newly branded content and collateral – and it had to be done instantaneously, with minimal resources, to the widest possible audience.
One thing a global rebrand does is bring all complexities of managing a brand in the partner channel into sharp focus, all at once. On October 15th 2013, all content, campaigns and sales tools were instantaneously syndicated across
Unify’s extensive partner supported by social media messaging and email campaigns through the partner channel in 49 countries and in 12 languages with zero channel marketing and sales downtime. While a global rebrand is unusual, it’s a powerful example of the brand control and time and cost savings the TIE Kinetix demand generation and sales conversion solutions can offer.
Overall Results
The Digital Channel is available in 12 languages, requires no partner training and is provided at no cost to their partners. There are no limitations to the amount of partners that can be enrolled, no limits to the amount of content housed within the solution, and updates can be done as often as needed. Unify can grow, update and optimize the solution while keeping their costs consistent and predictable.
2013 Accomplishments
  • 17,000 leads were generated and delivered directly to Unify partners
  • Partners downloaded over 15,000 documents from the Resource Center
  • There were 1.12 million page views of content from partner websites
  • Nearly 40,000 tweets were sent to partner’s Twitter followers
  • Partners sent nearly 600,000 co-branded emails to their prospects/customers


Tweets sent through Partners
Emails sent through Partners
million Page Views
Leads were generated and delivered directly to Unify Partners