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TIE Kinetix Magazine #3

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Partnering requires a sense of true cooperation, based on mutual trust and open communication. Only then can a successful working relationship be formed, which is profitable for both parties.


For nearly 25 years now, we have been supplying software solutions for the supply chain. Much of our success is thanks to the stable and long-term orientation of partnerships in our solutions for business integration, content syndication and e-commerce. As far as we are concerned, partnering is all about sharing opportunities and possibilities, sharing challenges and problems, in order to share turnover and profit in the end. This forms also the basis for our strategic alliance with the Swedish software specialist Medius.


We have enjoyed successful strategic partnerships for many years, such as that with Epicor, the ERP specialist with more than 20,000 clients worldwide. In this TIE Magazine, we shall be introducing you to another important partner: CNET Content Solutions, part of CBS Interactive. In the cover story, Sean Murphy, Vice President and General Manager of CNET Content Solutions, tells of the long-term partnership with TIE Kinetix. For Sean Murphy, the cooperation with

TIE Kinetix is an essential commercial and technological component in the management process, a component that enables CNET to hold a competitive market position.


TWZ from Austria is another partner with whom TIE has worked for many years. On page 14, owner Florian Winkler explains how TWZ works with us to react to change through timely anticipation, thus always being prepared and always able to comply with the requirements of modern EDI.


We attach great importance to good and healthy partnerships, without which TIE Kinetix would never enjoy such worldwide success. We therefore strive to consistently improve and update our partner program, making it a program which guarantees winners. More about that on page 7.


I hope you enjoy the magazine!


Jan Sundelin, CEO TIE Kinetix