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TIE Kinetix Magazine #2

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Co-operation means contributing to a joint result, with everyone’s interests at heart. Perhaps this is also the core of modern business: working together towards a common result. Co-operation is becoming an established concept in e-commerce as well.


This is certainly so when such co-operation means a readiness to share information and content that serve mutual interests. Modern forms of channel management are based on the will to increase sales through online co-operation. This works to the benefit of both parties. When companies co-operate with distributors or resellers that each have their own B2B or B2C front office, it depends on an ability to inform the market quickly and reliably.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to simultaneously provide information and content in the form of product offers or price changes, for example, to all of the co-operating parties in exactly the way they would like? Instantly? With one click of a button? For one webshop, or even a thousand? The TIE Content Syndication Platform (CSP) makes that possible.


In fact we do this every day for organisations like CBSi or Epicor (see page 18-19). And we work together with partners like Alta and Quantore (see pages 4-6). The latter will be examined in more depth in a lead article in this magazine. Thanks to effective co-operation and TIE Kinetix’ CSP, this co-operative society with more than 500 members has succeeded in drastically lowering its cost price. Currently we have over one thousand resellers using our CSP, and we’re looking for more partners for TIE Total Integrated Ecommerce.


I hope you will enjoy reading this latest edition of TIE Kinetix Magazine.


Jan Sundelin, CEO TIE Kinetix