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TIE Kinetix Magazine #1

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Being faster than your competitor and reaching your target group quicker is the difference between winning and losing. Real time is king and speed is critical.


Which is why speed is the theme of this first issue of TIE Magazine. Everything in e-business revolves around speed. In the food sector, for example, it means fast order processing, invoicing and reporting. In fact, fresh food depends entirely on speed: ordered today, delivered today and consumed today. Read the lead article in this issue about Sodexo that successfully rolled out our Business Integration Platform.


When a new Blackberry model is launched, it must be possible to order it online immediately. For a large part the success of award winning web shop Hi.nl is based on our eCommerce Platform. Read the story on page 14.


And whoever masters the reseller channel is the winner. We’re talking Content Syndication on page 12 and 13. After all, no one can afford to waste days, let alone weeks, on updating the content of reseller websites.Speed from content syndication to the electric Tesla Roadster.


I hope you enjoy reading it!


Jan Sundelin, CEO TIE Kinetix