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Business Intelligence Case: Sedus is Motivated and Data Driven

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Business Intelligence Case: Sedus is Motivated and Data Driven

“Where before the IT department was involved to generate standard reports, now departments have the flexibility to generate their own custom reports.”

Sedus Stoll AG is a company with tradition that has set new standards again and again during a history that goes back over 140 years. In ergonomics, manufacturing processes and ecology. A brand which moves people and a brand for people who get things moving. Sedus is a global player which continually redefines the concept of aesthetic office furniture and gives a new and timeless quality to the office environment.


Sedus’ ambition goes further than just growing the figures but encompasses sustainability and innovation. In order to achieve the desired growth and ambition the company needs to be able to quickly respond to changes in the market. Therefore, accurate management information is key. In the old situation important business information was stored in different formats in different systems. The IT department spent a lot of time gathering and combining all bits of information. Generating reports was complex and always required the help of the IT people. In order to increase agility and flexibility Sedus decided to implement a completely new business intelligence solution.

They went looking for an end-to-end solution, fit for the future, which would directly connect with their SAP system and would seamlessly combine information for all different systems. Sedus asked 4 vendors to do a proof of concept and choose TIE Kinetix to implement the proposed solution.


TIE Kinetix used Revolution to set up a data warehouse. The unique capabilities of Revolution to automatically set up a data warehouse structure including the complete ETL process reduced the implementation time by 70%! This enabled Sedus to establish quick and flexible analysis and reporting in the areas of sales and logistics. Key business intelligence to effectively steer the business.


Sedus has a Business Analysis department; they gather information from all sources, analyze it and deliver specific information to management or departments upon request. Before, it was very hard to drill down to a deeper level of intelligence. Now, with data centrally stored in the data warehouse, it is much easier to analyze data and comply to specific information requests quickly without the involvement of the IT department. A huge improvement, but Sedus is looking ahead. The next step will be to make this management information accessible from mobile devices.