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TIE Kinetix
  • Over 2,500 customers
  • More than 8,000,000 end users
  • 98% customer satisfaction
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  • Over 75 brands control their brand & drive demand
  • Engage more than 7,500 active partners
  • Generate over 25 million pipeline value per year
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  • Over 2.4 million customers buy through our platform
  • Over 2 billion revenue generated through our platform
  • Services over 350 million page views per year
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  • Facilitate more than 3 billion EDI/XML E-invoicing messages per year
  • Connected to over 800.000 trading partners worldwide
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  • Up to 250% more lead conversion through optimizing
  • Average cost savings of 25,000 through optimizing
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Reduce Significant Costs and Accelerate Back Office Document Processing with EDI Solutions Solve slow and costly back office document processing with a fully automated and integrated EDI system.
Improve Accuracy by Removing Human Errors with EDI Integration Eliminate inaccurate data due to human error and save wasted efforts and time with an automated EDI Integration system.
TIE Kinetix Simpler Invoicing Als een van de grondleggers van het SimplerInvoicing netwerk biedt TIE Kinetix haar oplossingen ook aan voor hubs.