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For over 25 years and counting, TIE Kinetix maintains a consistent focus and a collaborative relationship with our customers. TIE’s longevity and innovative solutions clearly shows our passion for global quality and customer satisfaction. Our long term vision is to improve the quality and service while increasing our customer’s overall effectiveness, productivity, and bottom line.


"TIE Kinetix is an absolutely critical vehicle for launching Unify’s campaigns and new solutions throughout the channel." Robin Pilcher, Global Channel Marketing Manager, Unify (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications).

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"We knew that Content Syndication was critical for our partner network and TIE Kinetix was the obvious choice. We were able to see immediate, tangible results to help us gain consistency in our messaging and empower our partners to be more effective in their sales efforts." Christine Blum, Senior Director, Channel Marketing and Demand Generation, Birst.

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"The TIE Kinetix support team immediately understands our needs. It’s useful that members of your support team are the same folks leading trainings for us. We personally know the team and that is very helpful to us when reviewing an issue over the phone. Working with TIE Kinetix is like working with an old friend" Julian Song, Director, Samsung SDS.

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"eVision is very reliable, perhaps the most reliable sub-system in use at Horizon. Because of our deep use of EDI with eVision, combined with that reliability, we use EDI at every opportunity, with confidence. In my experience over the last 20 years, the TIE Kinetix support team is amongst the best that I’ve seen. eVision is bulletproof. If you’re working with a product that has 99.99% uptime, why would you go anywhere else?" Mat Poland, e-Commerce Manager, Horizon

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"TIE Kinetix has the EDI expertise and Epicor ERP to guarantee great results now and a smooth transition once we are ready to go live with E9. In addition, the fact that TIE Kinetix can directly communicate with our customers in the local language is worth its weight in gold" David Webb, Business Analyst, WD-40.

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“We were looking for an easy-to-use webshop for our customers. With TIE Kinetix we have minimized the number of steps related to placing an order. In addition, we are now able to offer richer content: customer reviews, up sell opportunities, stock information and detailed product descriptions. As a result thereof, we are able to increase the conversion and generate more revenue from our web shop.” Tessel Jarigsma, Sr. Vice President for Internet and New Media, T-Mobile

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"We felt very positive about ascention right from the beginning. After the proof-of-concept, we confirmed our earlier thoughts with smooth collaboration and, most importantly, a quick and successful end result. Everyone who uses the system really enjoys it." Ingfried Mai, Head of IT Group, Sedus Stoll AG.

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“We started working with TIE Kinetix because we had a large amount of content that we needed to syndicate to our partners worldwide. One of the requirements of our program is that partners have updated Digium content on their websites. We knew that we needed to make it easier for our growing partner base to publish up-to-date content on their website - and it needed to be easier for us to publish as well!” Shannon Clemons, Director of Marketing, Digium.

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"We have opted for the data warehouse (DWH) solution by TIE ascention also because of the very good cost/benefit ratio. Since implementing the DWH generator and the Theobald interface with different SAP sources in 2010, we have effectively prepared our data warehouse for the reporting requirements on controlling. Therefore, we are very satisfied about our collaboration with TIE ascention. " Alexander Schatzle, Head of Data Warehouse, Wahl GmbH.


"Orders received by Quantore have now been increasing 10% year-over-year."

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"The TIE Business Integration solution brings us considerable savings, especially in terms of time." Arno Cok, Sodexo

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“With all the changes, and our internal project schedule in jeopardy, some of the teleconferences became fairly heated. During those times, TIE’s project manager was a calming influence, getting to the root of the problem and putting the right resources in place. TIE knew just what was needed, and always had an answer.” Kate Squires, IS Project Manager, Printronix

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“You have an edge over your competition, and it’s in having that outstanding support team. With other service providers you don’t receive the same level of support that TIE brings. When I send an email or call, it’s responded to quickly, and well before anything sticky comes up. It doesn’t disappear into a hole like some other support calls. That’s a real value to Zippo.” Russel Safran, Sr. Systems Analyst at Zippo

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“Capgemini has opted for TIE Kinetix’ EDI Messaging Portal because our experience with the previous version was so good that we saw no reason to change. With TIE, we chose a risk-free upgrade; the match is great and the knowledge and experience also correspond exactly to our requirements.” Frank Huiskes, Global CTO Infrastructure Transformation Services, Capgemini

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City Sports

“I’m thankful the Managed Service option was made available to us. I don’t worry about EDI anymore. From a billing standpoint the Managed Service option worked out very well for us. We receive one predictable bill a month, it solves any potential headaches, and is an easy sell to upper management. It was a simple decision.” Dylan Bruntil, Director of Information Technology, City Sports

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"Outsourcing our managed EDI services to TIE has been one of the best business decisions that Clopay could have made." Carmel Hirth, Director of IT, Clopay

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"We consider TIE Kinetix a strategic partner in our IT department. We have a number of other software vendors whose service is nowhere near the level of service from TIE Kinetix. Your support department gets us through anything we would need. I can’t put enough importance on that." Steve Woodworth, EDI Programmer at Simmons Foods

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Downtown Locker Room

“Even with limited experience, we’ve found TIE software to be very easy to use. EDI messaging is second nature to us now and the system runs automatically. The system was installed and our staff was trained in just a few days.” Tim Sayers, Director of IT, Downtown Locker Room

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“TIE understood the challenges we face and knew how to translate them into a flexible and stable service. The EDI traffic runs smoothly. With an availability of 99.9%, TIE works even better than what we had agreed at the SLA. Needless to say we are very happy with that.” Jean-Paul Jacobs, Manager Corporate ICT Infrastructure, ERIKS

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Forest Pharma

"We could not have done it without TIE’s onsite consultant and the tremendous help from TIE Support. That, coupled with its competitive pricing made it a true value for us, and it was an easy business decision." John Moser, Senior EDI Administrator, Forest Pharmaceuticals

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“Working with TIE has made this a more seamless process, taken countless things off my plate and helped give back 25% of my work week, allowing me to focus on other essential parts of my job. Moving to TIE’s Managed Service On-Demand has contributed noticeable improvements in efficiency.” Fawn Dintlemann, Network Administrator, Glik’s

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“The people behind TIE Kinetix have the speed and drive to innovate – qualities that are more important in our business than the structure of a large IT company. Thanks to the TIE, we can continue to react quickly to changes, tailor campaigns effectively to new trends and stay constantly on the move. After all, we have to make it easy for the customer, without complicated issues. We have to keep it simple.” Peter van der Schaar, Channel Manager,

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"We've had a very positive experience working with TIE. They share our eCommerce vision." Ray Mazur, Executive Vice President, Homax Group, Inc

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National Gypsum

“eVision gave us the flexibility to react to the moving target that is our Trading Partner’s needs. So much so that our largest Trading Partner, a major association of independent gypsum dealers, presented us with its ‘Vendor of the Year’ Award for the third time in five years due in large part to eVision’s responsiveness and flexibility.”Larry Peters, E-Business Manager, National Gypsum

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“TIE’s support team was always on top of it, always an email away. Their enthusiasm in finding solutions in a timely manner provided that level of customer service that you can forge a relationship with. We are certainly very happy working with TIE Kinetix.” Brooks Endacott, President, National Standard Parts Associates

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“We felt this was a partnership and we would not be left to sort it all out after the purchase.” Reliable Automotive Corporation

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“It’s a comforting feeling that everything is being handled behind the scenes and there’s never an issue. There is a feeling of transparency there and that’s what you’d expect from a managed service provider. The relationship with TIE has been extremely positive as far as I’m concerned.” Charlie Kiely, MIS Manager, Ashcroft

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"I often find myself saying 'thank goodness for TIE solutions'. The products just work, which is one of the highest compliments you can pay to a software vendor." Michael Zahner, IT Director, Streamlight

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"TIE Kinetix provides us with a service that fits the exact requirement that we had in mind, and it’s lived up to much more than expectations." Lashan Abbey, Information Systems Development Director, Supply Chain Solutions

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